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I'm a huge C6 fan and I've come to ask you guys a question...

I have a plot for a fanfic, but I don't know if I want to do it. If people want me to write it, then I will.

Anyway the plot is this:

Set after Von Reichter's base is blown up. Cybersix, Data7 and Von Reichter all lived [don't worry the fic itself will explain it, in flashback sequences and such] Von R now knows he needs to destroy Jose. When Jose realizes his dear daddy is alive, he sets out to destroy him once and for all. Von Reichter and Jose are now raging a war against one another, and Cybersix has to pick who she'll stand by - the man that can cure her of her need for Sustenance, or the boy that can offer her nothing. The choice seems easy enough but who knows what will happen if C6 is cured of her Cyberesque abilities...with only Von Reichter left standing.

So what do you guys think? Tell me, tell me, tell me >.<

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