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Well since some people said they wanted it, I started to write it...See under the cut for details :P

Well people, hello. I decided to post this ^^ This is the prologue. If it's well recieved I'll toss up Chapter One. Um no rating for this yet. It's fairly sedate. Sorry for my shitty writing :P Comments are loved of course, they let me know if I should continue or not. I'll try to keep updated on a regular basis, assuming you guys like the story. Sorry, I know it's so short but yeah. Just the introduction to the story ^^ Enjoy!!

--- Prologue ---

Pain. It was all she felt when she woke up, body aching and throbbing so hard she couldn’t make sense of any of it. The second thing she felt was something warm and wet dragging languidly across her face, starting at her chin and sliding upwards to her hair line. With a small groan Cybersix opened her eyes.

Growling. She could hear it now, the first thing she’d heard before regaining consciousness. The massive panther known to her as Data 7 was growling, towering above her. When her vision cleared she could see the concern in his eyes.

Concern. The first thing she saw. When her gaze managed to drift away she saw fire and smoke, lighting up the sky with a rage she could hardly understand. The smell of it made her stomach roll as she was forced to think of the city. Who had survived, who hadn’t...


More importantly – although she hated the fact that yes, it was more important – Von Reichter. Had he escaped, like she had? The creatures had cornered him, she knew that much. In the end did they defy their master, or come back to their senses and obey him?

The taste of blood on her mouth was the last straw. Rolling onto her side, and propping herself up slightly, Cybersix proceeded to empty the content of her stomach onto the ash flickered grass below her. She hadn’t eaten in a while and most everything she threw up was her own blood.

There was no worry about it. Any internal wounds she had would heal soon enough. She knew that, had been through it before. No, instead there was awe.

Blood. The sight of it amazed her, brought tears to her eyes. Blood. It was so damned human and she was clearly not.

No if she was human, she would be dead. She reasoned that with herself as she grabbed onto Data 7’s neck, pushing herself up off the ground. Her brother hadn’t been injured, she noted. She didn’t bother questioning the fact. Smiling to herself she felt relief roll over her in gentle waves. Her brother was safe. At least that was one person she didn’t have to worry about.

She cast her eyes back towards the base that had blown up only hours before. The last thing she could remember was her palm hitting the door, and then Data 7 smashing into her from behind. She had thought he was thrown from the explosion, but upon looking down at him she realized he had done it to get them out faster. She had fumbled, part of her wanting to die. That part wanted to just have it over and done with. To not have to go back to school, or Lucas...

She shook her head and focused her gaze again. Inner musings were troublesome at times.

Data 7 walked with her towards the levelled building. While the walls had been obliterated...the entire bottom was still intact. She tapped the heel of her boot on it, and listened to the thud of metal being hit.

Metal... she thought Metal. The entire underground is made of metal. Looking at the smoldering bodies of her brothers she knew then that Von Reichter had gotten away. God damn him...

“Come Data 7...We’ll go back to my apartment.” She darted off into the night, dodging the police and fire men easily.

However, Cybersix never made it to her apartment. That was fine though – they were near Lucas’s.

Data 7 helped his half conscious sister up to the man’s window. He stayed only until she had fallen to the couch, unconsciousness over taking her before he left again. Melding into the shadows he took to the roofs.

Night would be coming soon. Just because his sister couldn’t patrol, didn’t mean he couldn’t. Someone had to watch over the city.

That someone also had to go visit Julian.

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