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Fanfic: Revelations and Aftermath (4 of ?)


Dedicated to Carlos Meglia, the artist who helped create Cyber Six, who passed away this August. He will be missed.

Cyber Six: Father

After they had been dating awhile Lori Anderson finally put her foot down about the hovel Adrian Seidelman was living in. The attic home wasn’t terribly bad, of course, but the building gave the impression it was going to collapse around their ears eventually. Besides, with all the people who had fled the city after island bomb attack, rents were cheap.

“Adrian,” Lori smiled, her reddish brown hair falling into her eyes as she picked up a framed photo, “who is this?”

“Eh,” Adrian smiled as the black haired man walked over to look. He smiled a little sadly as he said, “That’s my father.”

“Your father?” Lori looked startled as she looked at the picture of a black man then over at Adrian, “how...?”

Adrian delicately took the photo, brushing it free of any dust. “He rescued me from Von Richter,” he said quietly, “smuggled me out when the order was given to kill the Cyber series. If not for him, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

Lori met those eyes behind the large glasses and knew something bad had happened. “Von Richter found you?” she guessed, reaching up to take the glasses off and reveal the feminine face of Cyber Six.

“Yes,” Cyber Six sighed, “his men, anyway. We had been living in a costal village and I was out fishing when they came... they tortured him to death.”

“I’m so sorry,” Lori squeezed the other woman’s hand in hers.

Cyber Six managed a smile, “Father was a better liar than I expected, he convinced them I had run away. When I got back and found him it was too late to help, so I took a photo of him, my supplies and a few other items and bolted.”

Lori sat down with her on the side of the bed as she murmured, “I can’t imagine having to do something like that.”

“It wasn’t easy,” Cyber Six agreed, “but I was determined to grow stronger and avenge him.”

“So you came to Meridiana?” Lori asked curiously.

“Eventually,” Cyber Six answered, “I hit the rails at first, traveling by train as a stowaway to get away as fast as I could. I finally decided I might be best off finding a large city to hide in, and traveling here I stumbled on poor Adrian Seidelman.”

Lori looked surprised. “He wasn’t just a name you made up?”

“No, he died in a car crash not far from the city,” Cyber six looked faintly guilty, “we looked similar enough that I took his identity and settled here.”

Lori reflected on it a moment, “I feel sort of sorry for him.”

“So did I,” Cyber Six conceded, “but...”

Lori dropped it as she looked down at the photo again, “Knowing you, you tracked down the men who killed them.”

Cyber Six smiled wryly, “Yes, I did though it took a few years. It happened not long after I first donned the black costume...”


Bounding across the skyline at night Cyber Six raced across the city, looking for the thuggish foot soldiers of Von Richtor to feed upon for sustenance. She hated doing it, loathed being reliant of them to survive, but she knew she had no other choice. She stopped by a rooftop, perching on a crooked tower as she stilled herself and listened to what was going on down on the street far below her.

“... late for dinner, the wife’s gonna kill me,” a man muttered, hurrying along.

“Hey,” a woman perched on the street corner called to a passing car, “want a good time?”

“We have to hurry,” the voice grated oddly, “they’ll be here soon.”

‘There,’ Cyber Six thought, homing in on the two burly men hurrying down the street. Carefully she followed, keeping them in sight as she plotted the best way to take them down.

The two hurried down a alley way where they met two different but similar men. Like them they seemed eerily powerful but in a more refined way, looking much more passably human than the baseline thugs.

“Sir,” one thug nodded to them in a show of respect.

‘Well, isn’t that interesting,’ Cyber Six thought, surprised. She had known there were creatures that commanded the soldiers, but she hadn’t encountered them before.

His trench coat swirled around him, his fedora hiding his face as he asked, “We’ve heard there was a sighting of Cyber Six?”

‘Wha...?’ Cyber Six crouched deeper int the shadows, trying not to be seen.

The thug shook his head, “Not confirmed, sir. Just sightings around the city.”

“Keep looking,” the other leader said flatly, “we’ve lost her since we tortured that old man down by the seashore, and the Master wants results.”

‘They were the ones?!’ Cyber Six thought, for a moment consumed by the idea of leaping down and pounding on them all. But she restrained herself, knowing that four against one were a bit much even for her. Instead she followed quietly, watching as the two left the streets and headed into one of the more expensive hotels in town.

Cyber Six lingered out of sight by the doors waiting until she heard what rooms they had been assigned. Then she was off, hiding herself on a nearby rooftop as she watched them settle in as much as they could. Once the lights went out she backed up then leapt across to the hotel, silently climbing down to one of the rooms.

The tracker lay silently on the bed, his chest rising and falling slightly as he rested. Quietly Cyber Six walked up, gazing down at the creature that had killed her father... or at least the closest thing she’d had to family.

“Brother, I...” the other tracker barged in through the connecting door, awakening the other as they both gazed in shock at Cyber Six.

“Damn it!” Cyber Six swore as she leapt on the disoriented one on the bed, pointing the fingers of her hand as she went for the throat. He was clearly unprepared and her hand cleaved through the flesh and bone, the green sustenance spraying wetly as he convulsed then lay still.

“Noo!” the other wailed as he raced at Cyber Six, big hands extended to crush her body.

Cyber Six leapt up and over him, but was shocked as he swiftly snatched her leg. ‘Oh god,’ she thought as she was swung towards the wall, ‘he’s fast!’

She hit the wall with what would have been bone crushing force for a normal person, and which was very painful for Cyber Six. “Die!” he growled, trying to swing her like a oversized baseball bat.

“Not today,” Cyber Six answered as she grabbed at a ceiling light fixture for leverage then kicked him in the face with her spiked boot.

“Ow!” he released her, staggering backwards as he cupped his eye protectively. From between his fingers a liquid oozed out, possibly from the eye itself.

‘Ewww,’ Cyber Six thought, but she still raced forward to seize the advantage. A powerful blow to the belly staggered him, then she laced her fingers together and used her interlocked hands to hit him with all her strength.

The blow sent him flying backwards, hitting the far wall with a loud thump. He swayed a moment then topped, ending up slumped against the same wall he slammed Cyber Six against. “You...,” he said dazedly, “you’re more fierce than we expected.”

Cyber Six fought to keep her surging rage under control as she bit out cooly, “You killed him... the old man who saved me.”

The tracker gave a ghost of a smile as he mused, “I remember... we had him screaming prettily by the end, too.”

“Shut up!” Cyber Six spat out, fighting the urge to try to make him cry out too. It would be so easy to do, starting with breaking his fingers then move on to the larger bones. But deep down she knew the old man wouldn’t want that.

The tracker gave her a feral smile, “I will find you again, I will...”

“I said,” Cyber Six whispered as she grabbed both sides of his head, “shut up.”

Cyber Six twisted with all her strength, hearing the grinding of bone then a muffled crack. The body slumped then collapsed into a glowing ooze within the clothes, a soft clink being heard with the tube of sustenance hit the floor. Reluctantly she picked it up, not really wanting to feed but knowing it would keep her alive a few more weeks, then collected the one from the body laying on the bed.

As she strode to the window Cyber Six smiled to herself, oddly satisfied. ‘I suppose Von Richter will know I’m here,’ she mused as she threw herself back out into the night, ‘but somehow, that doesn’t frighten me anymore.’


“Wow,” Lori finally said quietly as Cyber Six told her a slightly edited version of the tale, “every day I learn something new about you.”

Cyber Six looked down at her a bit worriedly, “Is that all right?”

Lori smiled suddenly, “Of course. That’s how things should be between lovers!” With that she suddenly pushed Cyber Six over, her eyes twinkling merrily as she lightened the tone.

“Hey, don’t,” Cyber Six gasped as Lori began to tickle her, “Lucas said he was coming over to help us move.”

With that the door banged open, “I’m here,” Lucas declared then the tall blonde froze as he saw then tangled up on the bed, “Excuse me!” He jumped back out and shut the door as he called, “Take your time.”

“We’d better tell him it’s all right,” the chuckling Cyber Six wiped at her eyes.

Lori pouted, “Spoil sport.”


Notes: Based on a fusion of bits from the comics and the animated series. Her “father” and his death are pure comics, while I had the Richter creations revert to a vial of sustenance like in the animated series.


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