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Cybersix DVD

Cybersix DVD Rips are coming eventually. I just need to finish fixing up english audio from the VHS-rips as the DVD's were only ever released in France with French audio. I should be done with DVD1 by the end of the month if free-time persists. I thought this would be a good place to post this for all Cybersix fans. :)

Rips will be upscaled to 720p for youtube with english audio. I'll probably get a torrent+seedbox setup for dual audio 576p. If anyone would like to provide a seedbox for that in the meantime, feel free to contact me.

Sample here:

Some random screenshots from episode 1. Just linking because they're about 350kbs each.
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Oh this is awesome! Thanks for doing this.

Once you do get a torrent up, I'll definitely help seed it. =D
We're all awaiting the the torrent. Please tell us it is soon. This is an excellent idea. I wish I had the VHS tapes cause I would so donate them to this cause. In the meantime, I hope that Teletoon will eventually re-air these episodes because I was also thinking of acquiring the French DVD's to do the same as you. Fantastic preview video! It makes ALL the other downloads of the series I have encountered over the years look far below the grade.

(Pretty please message me when and where that torrent appears!!)
hey if you have it done could you send me it? i would really appreciate it. the ones i have arnt to good quality and my 1st episode skips.